Intimate wedding in Malvern and an encounter with the local police!

Bride & groom shot in Priory Park, Malvern

Natasha & Geoff’s special day was going to be a busy one. First of all the Intimate wedding in Malvern with twenty guests followed by pictures in Priory Park and then everyone back to the couples’ house for a chill-out and fizz before hopping onto the Marchants bus to go to Winchcombe for their wedding breakfast at The Lion Inn. And that was just the start of the day!

My friend and colleague Glenn Parker went to the couples’ house that morning to take pictures of the Boys before they left to go to Malvern whilst I was at The Malvern Star hotel taking pictures of the Girls. Then I tackled the Saturday morning traffic in Malvern and drove to The Council House in time to meet Geoff who had just arrived with the Boys and Ruby his very splendid, gorgeous dog.

After the Ceremony  in the Elgar Room in Malvern we walked into Priory Park which has an unusual Oriental-style bridge. I was the last one to walk down there and was a bit puzzled as to why no-one had gone onto the bridge for the group shot. I soon found out why; my bride & groom had been apprehended by none other than Malvern Cops! As you can see from the pictures, they were good sports and what a great photo opportunity! Their Twitter feed went crazy! Definitely a first for me …and I suspect Natalie & Geoff …!

My brief was to take some group shots in the park and some classic ‘bride & groom’ shots and that was more or less it for posed shots for the rest of the day. This laid back, fun wedding was all about informality.

When everyone arrived back from Winchcombe this was a signal for the start of the party. Scores more guests started arriving and after that it was very much, let the games begin!   The rounders match was great fun and fab to photograph but the sacks races which followed were even funnier as you can probably see from the pictures.

Weather-wise it was an absolutely perfect  day and a great evening to take pictures of Natasha & Geoff on their own. It’s not every day you come across a hammock and, well I love these shots and the ones by the barn. Gives the wedding a real country feel which it definitely had.

Thank you Natasha & Geoff for choosing me to photograph your wedding. I couldn’t have had a better time taking pictures and I’m glad you had a perfect day.

Boys before the Ceremony

Boys before the Ceremony

Natasha getting ready

Natasha getting ready

At The Council House, Malvern before the Ceremony

At The Council House, Malvern before the Ceremony

The Ceremony

The Ceremony in The Elgar Room, Malvern.

 Natasha & Geoff after the Ceremony at The Council House , Malvern

Ruby celebrating with Natasha & Geoff

Newly weds apprehended by Malvern Cops.

It’s a fair cop!

Group shot on the bridge at Priory Park Malvern

Group shot on the bridge at Priory Park Malvern

Bridesmaids in Priory Park, Malvern

Bridesmaids in the park

Bride & Groom shots in Priory Park by Maggie Booth Photography

Natasha & Geoff

Bride & Groom on the stairs by The Elgar Room, Malvern

On the stairs by The Elgar Room, Malvern

Wedding reception at The Lion Inn, Winchcombe by Maggie Booth Photography

Reception at The Lion Inn, Winchcombe

Arriving for the Reception

Back for the party

Bride & Groom play rounders with their guests

Rounders in full swing

Sack races at the wedding party

Sack races

Quiet moment for the Bride & Groom

Geoff & Natasha take a walk

Classic bride & groom shot

Love this shot of Natasha & Geoff

Bride & Groom relax in a hammock

Every wedding should have a hammock!

Natasha being a good sport for the camera

‘Just Married’

The First Dance

Let the dancing begin.



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