Zoe & Natalie’s perfect wedding at Stonehouse Court Hotel.

Bride & Bride evening shots in the garden of Stonehouse Court Hotel

Zoe and Natalie wanted to be married in the garden at Stonehouse Court Hotel  so when I saw the weather forecast I was thrilled for them. Wall-to-wall sunshine, fantastic! This was their aim for their perfect wedding.

The stone dovecote looked lovely especially with the contrast of the white seat covers, pale blue sashes and red carpet. All was very quiet when I took these pictures but it didn’t stay that way long as guests started arriving for the Ceremony. I took pictures of Zoe and her best girl Jodi and some general shots before walking round to the front of the hotel to wait for Natalie to arrive.

Before long the bridal car driven by Richard from Richmond Wedding Cars came down the drive followed by the second car carrying the bridesmaids. Natalie was excited but kind-of calm all at the same time. I had chance to take pictures of her and the bridesmaids on the entrance steps to the hotel before she went with her dad to see the Registrar. The hotel doorway at Stonehouse Court is always a great backdrop.

And as for the Ceremony well it was a joy to photograph with an added bonus as I knew the superintendent who conducted the Ceremony. I had photographed Debbie’s wedding a few years earlier!

As you can see from this selection of shots everyone had a great time that day  including the guest who felt so relaxed after the wedding breakfast that he had a quick snooze! Can you spot him?

For me as a wedding photographer Natalie & Zoe’s special day was a joy to photograph. Lovely setting, great weather, easy going guests and best of all a really nice couple. We got on so well together right from the first meeting. I’m sure you can see in these shots just how much in love they are and how relaxed  they were in front of my camera. They are so happy with their pictures especially the ones of just the two of them together.

Thank you Natalie & Zoe for choosing me to photograph your wedding day. I am so pleased it was the perfect day.

Wedding at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Before the outdoor Ceremony.

Arrival of the bridal party

The bride and her bridesmaids have arrived!

Outdoor Ceremony at Stonehouse Court Hotel

The outdoor ceremony has begun.

Zoe & Natalie are married now

Mrs & Mrs Badhams-Neale

Reception drinks at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Time for reception drinks and a few posed shots.

Guests at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Time to relax and then that whole group shot!

Mrs & Mrs at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Time for Zoe & Natalie to relax

Wedding couple by Stroudwater canal

Zoe & Natalie

Wedding reception in the Caroline Suite at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Wedding reception in the Caroline Suite

Wedding reception in the Caroline Suite.

Speeches, cake cutting and that extra slice!

Bride & Bride by Stroudwater canal

By Stroudwater canal on a beautiful evening

Bridal suite at Stonehouse Court Hotel

Time for pictures in the Bridal Suite

Bride & Bride evening shots in the garden of Stonehouse Court Hotel

A beautiful end to a perfect day.

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