Image retouching

Improving an Image.

Image retouching colour change to vintage by Maggie Booth Photography

Photographing weddings for fourteen years has taught me a great deal about image retouching. I don’t profess to be an expert but I can quickly improve an image.

Often the lighting in churches and hotel venues don’t do us any favours so to get skin tones back to a natural colour the only way is ‘colour correction’. It’s not enough to rely on the ‘white balance’ setting on the camera, because as a rule the light still looks unnatural; adjusting colours in an editing program is the only answer. There are times when pictures just lack that ‘zing’ but with a few adjustments they quickly start to have more impact. Removing skin blemishes, a saggy chin, tattoos, even teeth straightening are all requests I’ve responded to and worked on. The most unusual was a Grandfather’s ‘new friend’ who was included in the family group picture …when the relationship ended three weeks later I was asked to remove her from the family shots!

Being sensitive to improving an image is an important consideration, particularly when the picture has been taken by another photographer. I prefer not to work on a picture taken by someone else unless I have their permission. It’s not possible of course if it’s a vintage picture. These are often quite a challenge and very satisfying although it’s important to know when to say “That’s it”! In other words, it’s about not cleaning the picture too much but making sure that it still looks natural and of its time.

If you have a picture you would like retouching please email me regarding the improvements you feel the image needs and attach a shot of the picture. That’s enough for the moment to be able to give you a quote.


improving army picture

Victorian picture improved

Removing unwanted bollards

Colour correction of image

Army studio shot improved

Just the Baby -image retouching

Just the baby please. (Final print was 10×8).