A ‘Bale’ Bride & Groom at the Wiltshire wedding

Ellie & Ant with Mr & Mrs Bale

As soon as I arrived at Ellie’s Grandparent’s house for this Wiltshire wedding I was introduced to Mr & Mrs Bale – well you could hardly miss them they were pretty big! What a brilliant idea! Ellie’s Dad also took me to meet Ellie & Ant’s two horses who were slightly reluctant about having their picture taken, the bribe of an apple did the trick! I also popped into the beautifully decorated marquee to take a few shots before going into the house to see the bride.

I love the black & white shot of Ellie sat at the table checking her make-up and one of her dogs having the cheek to stand on her train! On the wall is a picture of Ellie’s parents which was taken on their wedding day. This picture definitely tells a story and is one of my favourites.

Ellie’s Gran, Betty told me about the horse and carriage but no-one quite expected it to be as grand as it was. They don’t come much more impressive than that!

Whilst I was photographing at Betty & Terry’s house, my assistant Jamie was in Calne taking pictures of Ant and his family. Jamie has just started his own photography business and was keen to get shots of Ellie & Ant’s wedding for his website. He got lots!  www.jamieosbornphotography.com

As you can see from the pictures it was a wonderful wedding. The sun shone all day; the Ceremony was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Jamie and I couldn’t have asked for a more varied wedding to photograph as in addition to the horse and carriage there was also pictures to be taken with Bertie & Cony the couples’ horses and Ziggy the spaniel. The guests were very happy to have their pictures taken (this is what we like!) and as for taking pictures with ‘Mr & Mrs Bale’ well that was good fun.

Thank you Ellie & Ant for giving us so many photo opportunities even though  you’re not too keen on having your picture taken or being the centre of attention. You were great. A big thank you as well to Betty for her hospitality, only wish I’d had time to eat all those sandwiches and the biscuits – she makes the best shortbread ever!

Horse & Carriage arrives before the Wiltshire wedding

Bride getting ready before her wedding in Calne Wiltshire.

Horse & carriage arriving for the bride

Pics of groom & his party before the wedding in Calne

Wedding at Calne Free Church in Wiltshire

Guests after the Wiltshire wedding in Calne

Wedding at Calne Free Church in Wiltshire wedding

Horse & Carriage leaving Calne with bride & groom

Bride & Groom arrive in horse & carriage

Guests at the Wiltshire wedding

Group pictures at the Wiltshire wedding

Bridal party with 'Mr & Mrs Bale'

Bride with her horse and dog

Bride & Groom pictures in the gardenCake cutting at the Wiltshire wedding

Marquee at Wiltshire wedding


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