The Importance of a Thank You

As a child, Boxing Day meant we would sit down and write our Thank You letters. The same thing happened on the day after a birthday too. I taught my daughter to do this and to this day she still writes cards to thank people and now her daughters do the same.

Today it’s easy to communicate by email or one form of social media or another. The cost of postage is so expensive that it’s not surprising we rarely send or receive ‘Thank You’ cards. I’m very happy for someone to show their appreciation through an email or on Facebook, my gripe is that it doesn’t happen often enough in business.

It’s not just me who’s noticed that fewer and fewer clients say thank you after receiving their USB stick or seeing their pictures on line …other colleagues have said the same. A whole gallery will appear on a client’s facebook page which is great to see but it’s a shame the photographer doesn’t get a mention especially when their circle of F/Bk friends are seeing them too. And as for a thank you card or a personal email well that’s got rarer too.

Maybe the client assumes they don’t need to get in touch as they’d only do that if they weren’t happy with the pictures? I think that’s some kind of logic …? Anyway as a professional photographer I love to receive a review following a photoshoot especially if I’ve photographed a couples’ wedding. Don’t mind email, a comment on Facebook whatever; just to read a great testimonial without prompting is heart-warming.

These two reviews received just a week after the wedding made my day. I couldn’t ask for a better testimonial from Laura’s mum and then from Laura herself. You can see why.

Jan wrote:
“Maggie recently photographed our daughter’s wedding in Stroud. She met up with us before-hand and helped us to sort out our timings and wedding shots. We really appreciated the care and expertise she shared with us. On the day we had a list and Maggie efficiently and subtly took beautiful shots throughout the registry office gathering and again at the wedding reception. She thoughtfully sought out the people needed for those special moments. We all are absolutely delighted with the photos which were delivered very promptly. The full resolution and facebook sized photos are excellent. We fully recommend her to capture those very special days. Thank you Maggie”.

Laura wrote:
“Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding photos that you took for us last week, both of everyone at our wedding and of the little details. We’ve just looked at them all and they’re brilliant. Best wishes and thank you again. Laura.”

I should end by saying that this little rant doesn’t apply to all my clients. These two great reviews just reminded me how lovely it is to receive a Thank You …here’s hoping for more!

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