Privacy Policy


The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018. Due to this new data protection law everyone in business with a web site needs to have a privacy policy. 

At Maggie Booth Photography I totally respect your personal information and never share it with others. This includes my professional printing lab, other clients or any persons seeking information that I might hold. 

As one of my clients you have a clear right to access the information which I hold on you. In practical terms this is the information which you supply on your Booking Form of which I hold a signed copy in a folder. Clients’ folders are securely stored and are retained for at least seven years. This information is also stored on my office computer which is password protected.

GDPR also applies to images. This of course is very relevant to me as a photographer. As an image is classified as ‘Personal Data’ I am required to ask clients their permission to use the picture in for example my website, Blogs and for other promotional purposes including my business page on Facebook. 

At present when you sign my Booking Form you agree to the Terms and Conditions as listed in my T & C’s however under the new regulations I am required to ask you for ‘active’ consent. The consent needed must be separate to any other Terms and Conditions. To comply with the GDPR the reverse of your Booking Form will ask you to indicate and confirm by your signature that you give permission for your images to be used on my website, social media, on my Blog and in advertising material. In terms of suppliers I am thinking of venues i.e. where your photoshoot has taken place. Using your images for any other purposes … I will always obtain your written consent.

Just to add that copyright legislation is unchanged. As your photographer I have a legitimate interest in retaining my own work and can in theory keep the images both electronically and as prints, forever.

So to sum up … The GDPR is about the need to respect personal rights to privacy and although I have always looked after my client’s personal data it is now a requirement to ask for your written consent regarding collecting, storing and using your data. This includes the usage of images. 

You can find much more information on the EU’s General Data Protection regulation (GDPR) by looking on several specific websites. I have highlighted here what I consider to be the important information relating to my business, Maggie Booth Photography and the photographic service I offer to my clients and their data which I hold.